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Load Research

Load Research is defined as the collection and analysis of the characteristics of energy (electric or gas) loads by customers or end uses, typically on an interval (hourly or less) basis. Load Research is typically undertaken by utilities to determine the load profiles of rate classes or end uses for use in applications such as cost-of-service, rate design, or demand-side management (DSM) support.

Validation, Editing and Estimation (VEE) under AMI and Deregulation

I presented this paper back in 2000 at the AEIC Load Research Conference. The introduction is shown here, with a link to the complete paper below. (There’s a link to the 2000 AEIC Load Research Conference presentation as well.)


Load Research has had a long and varied history, having been carried on the coattails of a variety of applications since the early days of Load Research in the 1960’s and 1970’s. With the collection of load data associated with load research came the need for quality assessment, decisions on how (and whether) to fix problem data and, once data was sufficiently clean, expanding results to the population, whether the load data represented one customer or part of a group representing tens of thousands.

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Impact of Duty Cycles on A/C Control Strategies

“Is it On? Impact of Duty Cycles on A/C Control Strategies” is a presentation I delivered at the 2002 Annual AEIC Load Research Conference in Las Vegas, NV.


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