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New Job!

I have accepted an offer to join KEMA full-time as a Senior Principal Consultant effective July 18. Since starting Lopes Consulting Services 18 months ago, I have continued to work on client projects involving load research, program design, research and evaluation, which fit very well with my new responsibilities at KEMA. I will continue to work out of my Glen Cove, NY office, and travel to KEMA and client offices as needed. I will add contact information when I have it.   Thanks to followers of Lopes Consulting Services, which will become inactive since all my energy-related work will now be through KEMA.

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1 Eric Novak { 10.17.12 at 2:34 pm }

I have not been involved in load profiling or VEE work for years. Are you aware of companies using cluster analysis to identify common load shape profiles? We did this at First Energy many moons ago, then built discriminant models to assign C&I customers to these groups. Just curious.

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